Our mission is to make healthcare delivery easier through technology

Kainos Evolve® sees a world where the complexity of delivering more access, better outcomes at lower cost for healthcare is transparent to the clinicians and patients. Healthcare delivery should be easier because of technology.

Our award-winning Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform automates the creation, capture and handling of medical casenotes and operational documents and records allowing healthcare providers to deliver better patient safety and quality of care.

Building upon this foundation, Evolve has become a leader in Mobile-Enabled Healthcare software for iOS, and is now working with Apple as a mobility partner to transform clinical outcomes resulting in real benefits for patients and healthcare providers.

Our solutions

The Evolve platform and applications are reinventing the way healthcare providers solve care delivery challenges by being powerful, flexible, incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

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Our markets

Evolve empowers healthcare providers within hospitals, out in the community, and emergency responders with better patient information at the point of care.

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Our Customers