Our mission is to transform healthcare delivery through technology

Kainos Evolve® sees a world where improved access to care, leading to better outcomes, is a reality for healthcare organizations, patients and their families.

The Evolve Integrated Care platform helps healthcare organizations optimize care pathways, ensuring everyone involved in the patient’s care has access to information that is complete, accurate and timely.
With powerful Telehealth capabilities care organizations can ensure high-quality patient care whenever and wherever it is required.

With an emphasis on digital maturity and enable care pathway automation, our customers and partner organizations are more innovative, creating transformative healthcare solutions for efficient care and better patient outcomes.

Care Pathway Automation

Evolve Integrated Care is empowering healthcare organizations to collaborate and innovate, providing access to everyone involved in a patient’s care through automation and optimisation of care pathways

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Digital Maturity

The award-winning Evolve Electronic Medical Records platform is helping our customers gain control over their healthcare information, helping reduce cost and improve care efficiency

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Our Customers