Making healthcare delivery through technology

Transforming healthcare delivery with Care Pathway Automation

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Care delivery is complex. Transform it with Kainos Evolve.

Evolve provides rapid, repeatable care pathway automation enabling healthcare providers to transform at a pace not possible before.
We enable our customers to deliver high-quality, patient-centric efficient care through better visibility of patient information and management of care pathways across teams and organisations at lower cost.

We can help you solve the EHR integration challenge whilst rapidly deploying flexible, easily adopted care pathways, via native support for FHIR ensuring patient information flows wherever it is needed.

With changing models of care and payment mechanisms, you need to be able to react with speed – Evolve can help you deliver truly transformative healthcare programs in days, not weeks, months or years.

Powering transformation across care settings


In emergency situations, every second counts. Responding clinicians need access to comprehensive patient information, with the ability to efficiently hand the patient over to receiving organizations.

Our solutions help Emergency Care providers through :

  • Access to the comprehensive patient record, including information from across healthcare providers, ensuring quicker triage and better treatment

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use mobile-enabled solutions, enabling access to patient information wherever care happens

  • Better information flow between responding clinicians and receiving Emergency Departments, ensuring efficient, safe handover

  • Telehealth for immediate access to the most appropriate clinicians wherever and whenever care takes place

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