Evolve ePCR for Ambulance Care
Information when time is critical

Responding to an emergency incident requires supporting information systems that are intuitive, responsive, and able to cope with unreliable communications networks.

Time is critical, accuracy and collaboration are key.

The Evolve Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) for Ambulance Care enables emergency responder teams to capture accurate incident and patient information via our Mobile-Enabled Healthcare solution for iPad.

Evolve ePCR for Ambulance Care means

Ease of use: based upon the Evolve Mobile-Enabled Healthcare platform for iPad, providing users with a responsive, intuitive interface for accessing and capturing patient and incident data.

Offline working: insulation from connectivity issues through the ability to create and edit ePCR forms whilst offline – crucial for a highly-mobile workforce.

Flexible forms: Evolve Electronic Forms are highly customisable, ensuring that local needs can be easily met using our intuitive design tools.

Powerful collaboration: Enabling response teams to work together, with handover of information between response team members and receiving Emergency Departments.

Case Study : South East Coast Ambulance Service

Watch how Kainos Evolve helped the South East Coast Ambulance Service transform patient care by allowing clinicians to capture electronic Patient Clinical Record (ePCR) data at the scene of the incident and share it with receiving hospitals at the A&E department, clinic or ward: