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Build, change, reuse and deploy integrated care pathways at speed on a highly secure, scalable, resilient, healthcare platform.

Evolve integrated care architecture

At a glance…

Our rich set of capabilities help you meet the ever-changing needs of your clinicians, teams, partners and patients at a pace not possible before.

  • Cloud

    Multi-tenant cloud-based solution reducing costs and providing an efficient pathway for rollouts to organisations of all sizes

  • Unified View of Patient

    Patient information is drawn from disparate systems across your healthcare provider organisations

  • Forms & Workflow

    Capture and route consistent care pathway data between your clinicians, teams and organisations

  • Connector Framework

    Connect and exchange data with a wide range of your existing IT systems using standards such as FHIR, HL7 and CDA

  • FHIR

    Store and manage clinical data from your disparate healthcare systems and providers via Evolve’s native FHIR support

  • Telehealth

    Deliver high-quality care at a distance with solutions that enable your expertise to be available wherever it is needed

  • IOT and Devices

    Monitor your patients using connected healthcare devices in the home or at a clinical location

  • Mobility

    Access patient information at the point of care using apps created as a part of the Apple Mobility Partner Program

  • Reporting

    Report against entire care pathways, across your organisation, for true visibility of progress

  • Document Management

    Achieve digital maturity through the management and secure, audited, storage of your patient documentation

  • Proximity Awareness

    Get proactive notifications of nearby patients and their clinical status, allergies and other important details

  • High Availability

    Meet your regulatory requirements by ensuring patient information is always available when and where it’s needed

  • Security & Governance

    Meet the needs of standards such as HIPAA, NHS IG and GDPR by ensuring your information is audited and only available to appropriate users

  • Role based access

    Deliver collaborative care by providing your clinicians, care pathway managers and patients with a view of information that is tailored to their needs