Evolve Digital Dictation
Quick, easy documentation production

Evolve’s sophisticated workflow, electronic forms (eForms) and reporting has transformed the ability of clinicians to provide better patient care and save money at the same time.


Evolve for iPad is providing patient information at the point of care, freeing clinicians from needing to be at a workstation.


Evolve Digital Dictation provides even more freedom. In an environment where administrative support is often stretched, clinicians need the tools to be able to create documentation with minimal effort.

Built upon the intuitive, powerful iOS platform, Evolve Digital Dictation enables the creation of correspondence and other documentation whilst reducing the administrative burden placed on busy clinicians.

Evolve Digital Dictation means

Reduction of time spent by clinicians creating documentation.

Recording of audio within the patient record with Evolve for iPad, or a dedicated app for iPhone / iPod Touch.

Automated routing of audio to transcription teams, within your organisation or outside.

Workflow routing of transcribed documentation for clinician approval and storage within the patient record.