Evolve eDischarge

Accurate and timely discharge information

Evolve eDischarge empowers sending electronic discharge summaries directly to primary care clinicians as soon as a patient leaves hospital.


The solution, part of an integrated suite of applications transforming document management and workflow within healthcare organizations, aids compliance with discharge notification targets, improves efficiency and raises the quality of care by facilitating the smooth transfer of information between acute and primary providers.


Click here to read our case study with The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

Evolve eDischarge means

Accurate Medication:
Electronic capture of key clinical information: diagnoses, co-morbidities, investigation and results, procedures and treatments, medications and any follow-up arrangements are recorded and tracked while an approved discharge summary can be issued to pharmacy to allow medication to be dispensed reliably and efficiently.

Improved coding:
Depth and accuracy of episode coding is improved by the timely availability of an accurate, legible and auditable discharge summary.

Care providers are able to meet strict requirements for transmitting discharge summaries to primary care clinicians within 24 hours.

A more joined-up service:
Seamless, automatic transmission of patient details between Acute and Primary Care.

Better patient care:
Smooth, rapid and reliable handover of full discharge notes that are clearly coded and not handwritten.

Greater efficiency at lower cost:
Time spent by clinicians on patient administration is reduced, enabling them to focus on patient care.

Integration with existing and future Trust systems:
Full integration with Patient Administration Systems, ensuring joined-up, capturing of relevant discharge information.

At a glance

Aids compliance with discharge notification targets, enabling efficiency whilst avoiding penalties.

Optimised for usability wherever and whenever the clinician needs to access the patient record.

Improves efficiency as time spent by clinicians on patient administration is reduced.

Integrates with Patient Administration Systems, ensuring joined-up, end-to-end capturing of relevant discharge information.

Customer quotes

“As an integrated trust, the communications aspect is substantial. The Community Manager is excited about Evolve’s capabilities. We have frequent dialogues with GPs; being able to handle discharge notes, clinical letters and prescriptions electronically will be transformational.”
Dr Geraldine Boocock, Medical Director and Chair of Clinical IT Board, Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust

“We were immediately struck by the calibre of the Kainos people who came across as extremely proactive and keen. The reference sites confirmed this.”
Duncan Robinson, Associate Director of ICT,
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

“Every new patient is now created electronically, giving us substantial efficiencies, boosting the quality of patient care. eDischarge has been particularly successful with GPs able to receive discharge summaries electronically within 12 hours.”
Neil Turnbull, Deputy Chief Information Officer,
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

“Evolve is taking paper out of the equation altogether for direct patient and clinician interactions. This supports new ways of working that will result in safer and higher quality of care for patients.”
Graham Softley, Associate Director of IT,
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust