Evolve Electronic Medical Record

Promoting digital maturity for more efficient care


With increasing demands for improved efficiency in healthcare, it is crucial that patient information can flow to the right people at the right time.

The Evolve Electronic Medical Records platform enables efficient healthcare and supports Digital Maturity programmes through removal of paper from the care process.

Digital maturity provides a solid foundation for moving towards care that is integrated across care provider organisations, teams and individuals.

With electronic forms and workflow, information can be captured and routed electronically, saving time and effort, helping provide high-quality patient care, and with our mobile-enabled solutions for iOS, information is available wherever care happens.

Evolve EMR provides :

Electronic Document Management
Providing a solid foundation for the secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation.
With Evolve Electronic Medical Records, we are helping our customers achieve digital maturity, a significant milestone on the road to providing truly integrated care with other care organizations and teams.
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Smart indexing of legacy content
Avoiding “information overload”, helping your clinicians focus on the most important patient information.
Where traditional manual indexing of paper casenotes is often costly, Evolve Smart Indexing provides high-accuracy automated identification of document types, specialties, dates, clinicians within the scanned content of the legacy casenote, providing a highly-itemised view to the clinical user.
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Electronic forms and workflow
Helping customers move towards paperless working through replacement of paper-based information capture and information routing. Evolve Living Forms enable clinicians to see how a patient is progressing with their treatment, providing a mobile and paperless method of repeatedly capturing information over the course of several encounters, and analysing that information. For example, an observations chart enables the frequent capture of key observations data (blood pressure, temperature) and charting to track the patient’s progress over time.
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Evolve for iPad
Evolve for iPad provides access to accurate, up-to-date information at the point of care, regardless of where that care setting may be, or available connectivity options. This easy-to-use mobile technology combines the portability of paper with the security, low-cost and high-quality of electronic records and opens the door for huge benefits for clinicians and patients alike. Evolve for iPad is being used by our partners to “mobile enable” their applications quickly, reducing cost and time-to-market.
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Graphical Timeline
Providing a comprehensive overview of the entire patient record quickly, allowing clinicians to focus on what they deem most important.
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EPR Integrator
With ready-to-deploy components, EPR Integrator provides the rich, intuitive user experience of Evolve within other applications, allowing organisations to take a “best of breed” approach to system selection and ease of integration. Our powerful, flexible API provides further options for integration, bringing comprehensive patient information, workflow and electronic documents to other clinical systems, ensuring organisations can build and extend upon the Evolve EMR platform.
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From our customers….

“Evolve EMR for iPad has transformed the way in which clinicians are now able to access, view and interact with our patient records. It is tactile and more like flicking through a paper folder; it has improved speed and responsiveness, and it is available on the move and away from standard desk locations.”
Mark England, Director of Informatics,
Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Kainos offers a unique, flexible partnership approach to delivery which we have not experienced before in the NHS.”
Mike Meers, Chief Information Officer,
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

“Evolve EMR is a system that can take us into the 21st century in acute hospital care and help do away with paper. Kainos is an exciting, innovative company with a great product and a positive, can-do attitude, which makes for a powerful partnership.”
Brent Walker, Chief Information Officer,
Bradford Teaching Hospitals

“Evolve EMR is taking paper out of the equation altogether for direct patient and clinician interactions. This supports new ways of working that will result in safer and higher quality of care for patients.”
Graham Softley, Associate Director of IT,
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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