Evolve Integrated Care
Care Pathway Automation for better patient outcomes
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With the increasing number of organizations and individuals involved in patient care, we need care pathway automation tools that allows us to re-imagine how that care is delivered, providing clinical information to the right people at the right time and place.

Evolve Integrated Care helps bring everyone involved in the care pathway together, including the patient and their families, enabling high-quality care at the most suitable location, reducing costs whilst improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

Healthcare innovation

Evolve Integrated Care can be used by healthcare organizations as an application development platform that can host their own in-house developed applications, making full use of the mobility, eForms/workflow, analytics, reporting, integration and security capabilities to rapidly build out and extend their own specific care pathway improvements.

With emphasis on integration using existing and emerging standards such as HL7, FHIR and an open API allowing bespoke app development, Evolve Integrated Care is powering innovative solutions to join people and information together to provide new levels of quality healthcare.

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Evolve Integrated Care

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The Evolve Integrated Care Platform brings information, clinicians, patients and care organizations together with :

Shared care record – modern, efficient patient-centric interface providing a view of information about an individual care recipient as a virtual electronic record, drawn from information held in disparate systems across healthcare provider organizations

Connector Framework and FHIR Repository – Evolve is underpinned by FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) – the modern integration standard that enables the storage and management of clinical data from disparate customer and partner Healthcare systems and providers


Integrated telehealth – empowering high-quality care at a distance, supporting access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient at any time.

Care Pathway Automation via powerful, configurable electronic forms and clinical processes enabling collaboration within and between care organizations – the right information when and where it’s needed across a patient’s entire circle of care

Master Patient Index (MPI) – aggregating patient records and identifiers from multiple IT systems and healthcare providers under a single patient identity, helping care providers focus on the patient, not their IT systems

Cloud-powered healthcare – enabling transformation with efficient, quick deployments for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Empowering sharing of information efficiently between your internal and partner healthcare providers.

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