Evolve Medical Image Viewer
Extending the patient record

Busy healthcare workers need information at their fingertips, sourced from multiple systems, avoiding the need to move between multiple information sources constantly.


A joined-up, comprehensive patient record enables the provision of quality, efficient care.


The Evolve Medical Image Viewer seamlessly displays medical images from existing repositories in a tightly integrated, feature rich, zero footprint viewer.

Evolve addresses the needs of clinicians managing both chronic and acute patients, providing access to imaging, results and correspondence all within the same platform. A clinician may access a radiology report stored within Evolve, then seamlessly launch the appropriate study held within the imaging system.


Alternatively, the clinician can view studies directly; especially useful for those that have not yet had a report generated, saving time and ensuring they are easily accessible as soon as it has been generated.

Intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful image interaction

Accessing medical images via Evolve brings all the functionality clinicians rely on from their medical imaging solution:

  • Greyscale Window/Level contrast adjustment
  • Measurements of Distance and Angles
  • Zoom
  • Image Flip/Rotate
  • Cine
  • Cross-sectional imaging including MIP/MPR/3D

Evolve Medical Image Viewer, when accessed via Evolve for iPad™, makes the user experience even more intuitive, supporting multi-finger gestures such as pinch-to-zoom / rotate, providing a highly-interactive method of viewing medical images.

Enabling collaborative care

Combining the capabilities of Evolve and their pre-existing imaging systems, it is easier than ever for clinicians to pass a study on to others via workflow, using Evolve’s market-leading electronic forms (eForms) functionality directly from within the image study or associated report.


Simple things like bookmarking a study, referring to a specialist colleague or observing incidental findings are all readily facilitated within Evolve, including the ability to acknowledge results, helping support an efficient, high-quality care service.

At a glance

Access to imaging studies regardless of the care setting.

Medical-grade streaming via Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) industry-standard protocol.

Side-by-side comparison of multiple studies regardless of underlying vendor.

Flexible viewing of images from:

  • Radiology Xray, CT, MRI, US, Angiography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Cardiac Echo Ultrasound, Angiography.