Evolve Observations Capture
Fast, intuitive, intelligent

Efficient, accurate, consistent capture of patient observations is vital to providing high quality patient care.
Evolve Observations Capture is based on the market leading Electronic Medical Record solution, providing a comprehensive source of patient information enabling better-informed patient care.


Evolve Observations Capture provides a means of capturing observations quickly and easily, at the point of care using our intuitive, market-leading iOS application for iPhone or iPad.

Automatic calculation of Early Warning Scores, and escalation of patient deterioration to appropriate teams ensures that high-quality care can be delivered, without placing additional burden on front-line staff.
With better data comes better visibility of status at ward, clinician and hospital level, ensuring allocation of resources to the groups of highest risk.

Evolve Observations Capture means

Mobile recording of clinical observations via Apple iOS devices, online and offline.

Automated calculation of Early Warning Scores powered by Evolve electronic forms and automated workflows.

Dashboards providing total visibility of patient status at ward, clinician, hospital level.

Escalation of patient deterioration to appropriate care teams.