Kainos Evolve® Partner Program

At Evolve, we are passionate about how our solutions can help transform the way healthcare is delivered. We know that, as with all things in business, we are stronger and more successful through our work with others.

As a result, Evolve is partnering with best-of-breed solution, delivery and resell partners to extend and accelerate our ability to truly transform integrated healthcare delivery.

Solution Partners
We are always looking for partners who can extend our current solution offering through the combination of our solution capabilities; or who would like to extend their solution capability by using the Evolve platform for partners.
Resell Partners
As we grow our business into more and more markets and geographies, we are increasingly interested in working with reseller and channel partners who value our solution offering capabilities and can align those with the needs of customers in the markets and geographies that they operate.
Consulting and Deployment Partners
The ultimate success of our customer projects is always dependent on the domain knowledge and implementation expertise of the team. We are very focused on growing our consulting and deployment partner network with world class healthcare specialists.

The Evolve platform for partners


Physician and Extended Care
Mobility opens up the opportunity for healthcare organisations to consider new ways of working that can transform the care available to patients, reduce the dependency on hospital based care and make healthcare more affordable to patients and healthcare delivery organisations.
The Evolve platform allows partners to build out their own document-centric, mobile-enabled solutions to align with their own specific needs.

Support for Healthcare Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
The Evolve platform is available to ISVs to host and build out their own healthcare applications, making full use of the mobility, electronic forms (eForms)/workflow, analytics, reporting, integration and security capabilities.

Medical Devices
The Evolve platform is ideal for building out whole-customer delivery solutions for innovative medical device organisations and solutions that are revolutionising the provision of new ways of care delivery, empowering patients to be more independent in taking responsibility for their own healthcare.

How to Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming an Evolve partner, or if you are simply interested in learning more about our partner program, please contact us by filling out the form below:

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