Evolve Referrals Management

Consistent, traceable referral handling

Developed in conjunction with clinicians, Evolve helps healthcare organizations take patient record management to a new level and delivers step changes in efficiency and patient care.


Referrals are the lifeblood of any healthcare organization, providing a constant stream of new patients who must be triaged, prioritised, accepted for care and allocated to care providers. To enable efficient, high-quality care, referrals need to be be consistently handled, regardless of the source or format.

A Referrals Management solution that gives you

Automated workflow for referrals management, triage and assignment, helping you track and prioritise incoming referrals consistently, regardless of source.

Workflow processes can be modified and tailored using Evolve’s intuitive, powerful workflow designer studio, allowing you to meet changing requirements for referral handling.

Security and transparent auditing:
Ensuring sensitive referrals are handled by the appropriate parties, with auditing to show who has interacted with the referral and made triage decisions.

At a glance

Consistent storage and management of referrals.

Routing of referrals for triage and acceptance to the most appropriate team.

Full visibility of the triage decision process.

Helping prioritisation of referrals and tracking against targets.