Cross-Specialty Care Pathways

Deliver effective collaboration and care across your organisation

Whilst every specialty is different, using Evolve to bring consistency to your pre- and post-specialist care pathway stages can bring significant benefits to you and your patients.

Transform your care pathways with our solutions for :

  • Referrals Management

    Eliminate avoidable delays in treatment, ensure efficient triage and acceptance and track referral progress between your healthcare partners and organisations through comprehensive shared records and care pathway processes.


  • Registration & Admission

    Reduce patient stress by providing efficient check-in, registration and admission, whilst avoiding repetition of basic demographic and clinical details.

  • Pre-Operative Assessment

    Reduce clinical risk, stratify your patients and ensure the best care pathway through integrated, comprehensive information capture and sharing.


  • Laboratory Requests

    Avoid unnecessary tests and ensure timely interventions through management of test requests and sharing of results across clinical teams and organisations.

  • Discharge

    Capture and quickly share relevant treatment information with everyone involved in the care pathway, ensuring efficient follow-up and ongoing care.


  • Post-Acute Care

    Proactively monitor patient wellness and take preventative measures to keep your patients well outside the hospital walls, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.

Transform your healthcare today

With our customers and partners, we have a rich history of delivering rapid transformation in areas including :

Administration and Clerical

Admission Checklist, Discharge Management, Going Home Checklist, Interpreter services, New Patient Clerking, Patient Consent, Patient Safety Checklist, Pre-Operative Assessment, Records Management administration request, Referral Management, RTT Outcome form, Telephone / contact notes, To Come In management


Clinical Task, Multidisciplinary Clinical Record, Peer Consult Request, Research Note

Ambulatory & Acute cross-specialty

Cannula Care Plan, Clinic Consultation, Clostridium Difficile Pathway, Hygiene Care Plan, Medical Admission Form, Medical Reconciliation Form, Moving and Handling Risk Assessment, MRSA Screening Pathway, Nursing Assessment, Observation Chart for NEWS, Operation Note, Outpatient History Sheet, Pain Assessment, Pain Care Plan, Pressure Ulcer Care Plan, Thromboprophylaxis Risk Assessment (VTE), Wound Assessment

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about Cross-Specialty Care Pathways please get in touch and one of our team will be delighted to talk to you about how Evolve can help you share patient records for collaborative, outcomes-based care.